Common Terms and Acronyms

FAQs=Frequently Asked Questions

OLS=Online School

MS=Middle School

HS=High School    

LMS= Learning Management System.


We will be periodically updating this webpage with additional Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

What is my role as a parent in the Fuel K12/STRIDE? You are your child’s Learning Coach. This means that you support your child in establishing an effective learning environment, accessing the online lessons, ensuring consistent attendance and engagement, and monitoring for online safety.

Can my child enroll partially in the online program? At this time the Fuel K12 is only offered as a full-time option. We will, however, continue to offer single courses in other ways at the high school level. 

Is this a long-term commitment or just during the pandemic? While the pandemic created urgency for next year in having a fully virtual option for families, we have been in the process of developing virtual options for our district, and anticipate continuing this option into the future. 

What materials will come with the online program? Each student will check out a Chromebook for the year. Materials kits will be provided based on the specifics of each course. 

My child has a disability. Can she attend? Yes. Special education services are available and will be determined by the IEP for each student. 

My child has received English language development services in the past. Are those available in the online program? Yes. Plus, the curriculum platform used will have numerous accessibility tools, like built-in translation, to support multilingual students. 

Will I still be able to access meals? Yes. Thanks to an extension from the USDA, we will be able to continue the Summer Meal Program. This means we will be able to continue feeding all youths aged 0-18 breakfast, lunch and supper at no charge through Dec. 31. Also, there are no requirements to be a registered student of the district. Meals will be distributed from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays) at Ash Creek Elementary, Independence Elementary, Monmouth Elementary schools; Central High School and some bus stops. Talmadge Middle School will continue to distribute weekly meals Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Will classes be graded or pass/no pass like last year? Students will receive grades at the secondary level, and progress reports at the primary level. Parents/guardians will receive frequent progress reports throughout the year. 

Are performance classes, like choir and band, offered in the online program? You will not see these courses listed in the Fuel Education course list; however, we are working as a district on developing creative solutions for these important programs.

What can I expect from my student’s teacher(s)? 

Can my student still participate in co-curricular activities at their regular school if enrolled in the online program? Yes, depending on availability of these activities. We will also be looking to develop online co-curricular activities. 

Can my student take more than the courses they have forecasted for at the secondary level? Based on the needs of each student, they will be able to take additional courses. 

Does my student need to use the Chromebook checked out to them? All students in the online program will have a Chromebook available for them to check out. This is the best option for students because of the embedded security features, its relative ease of use, and the common experience that would be had by others in the program. If a family chooses to access the online program through personally owned devices, they are welcome to do so; however, our tech support will be focused on supporting the devices we provide. Web filtering is provided on our Chromebooks and cannot be modified for individual users -- we encourage a family agreement about time, location, and supervision of access. 

My middle schooler was supposed to be signed up for Algebra 1 next year, but it looks like Algebra 1 is only offered at the high school level? Your student will be placed in the appropriate course based on need. While Algebra 1 is listed in the Fuel Education course list as a high school course, we will be offering it to middle school students. 

The Online Program is self-paced, correct, so my student could finish high school in 2-3 years?  The online program is not self-paced. The courses are set up and paced by teachers in our district based on assessment data on student understanding. This could result in accelerated pacing and/or additional courses, but it is based on the needs of each student. 

CSD K12 Learning Coach Guidelines and Troubleshooting Tips E_S.pdf

FuelEd K12 Customer Service Contact Information

Phone Support (1-844-638-3533) is available during the following hours:

Technical Support:   Monday - Friday 5AM  – 5PM  

Academic Support:  Monday - Friday 5AM  – 9PM

Saturday and Sunday -- 9AM5PM