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Important: Before your student rides the bus, please notify the school's office.

Let them know the name of your student and where he/she will be picked up and dropped off.

Bus Dispatch Line

(503) 838-1621

Is My Student Eligible to Ride the Bus?

To receive bus service, a student in grades K-5 must live more than one mile from their neighborhood school. Students in grades 6-12 who live farther than 1.5 miles from school are eligible for transportation. Miles from school will be determined by the district's transportation supervisor in accordance with OAR 581-023-0040 (1)(c).

All students riding a district bus must be registered to ride. This registration must be renewed annually. In the event a student arrives at the stop and is not a registered rider, the student will be transported and given a registration form to take home. Once the registration form is completed and returned to the transportation department, the student will be authorized to start riding the bus. For more information, please email

Students may also receive bus service if:

  • Hazards that can’t be overcome make it unsafe for a student to walk to school.

  • A disability makes it necessary to ride a bus. For these students with disabilities, a 504 plan must be in place as well as a doctor's written verification of the medical problem.

  • The student stays before or after school at a home or child care site in an area that is served by a school bus and where that address is used for enrollment purposes.

  • The student is served by a special program in the district, such as English Language Learner, Special Education or McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance. Please inquire with your school to determine program eligibility.

Safe and Positive Behavior Keeps our Buses Safe

Safely transporting students to and from school is our top priority. Please help your student become familiar with these guidelines for safe and appropriate behavior while riding the bus. Students are expected to follow all bus safety rules. Failure to adhere to the safety standards may result in disciplinary action or suspension from riding the bus.

Riding the Bus

What students should DO when riding the bus:

  • Always cooperate with all bus drivers, including substitutes

  • Please remember that face masks or shields are required to ride the bus!

  • If you don't feel good, please stay home!

  • Follow the directions given by the bus driver and be respectful

  • In the morning, be at your stop between five to ten minutes before the scheduled pick-up time

    1. Buses will not wait for students who are not present

  • When waiting at a bus stop, wait in a line that starts back from the curb. Please maintain physical distance (6 feet)!

  • In the afternoon, walk quickly to your bus. Buses depart 5 to 7 minutes after the bell

    1. If students miss the bus, the parent/guardian will need to pick them up from school

  • When crossing the street, cross only in front of the stopped bus when the driver signals you to do so

  • If crossing the street at an intersection, cross with the green light and WALK signal

  • Get on or off the bus only when it is completely stopped

  • Only leave the bus at your assigned stop

  • Have student identification ready to show the driver when boarding the bus or at any time the driver asks for identification

  • If the bus driver asks a student to sit in a particular seat, the student should follow that request

  • Sit in only one seat; do not save seats for others

  • Stay in your seat at all times when the bus is moving

  • If there is a seat belt, keep it fastened

  • Keep the aisles of the bus clear

  • Help keep the bus clean by keeping waste paper off the floor

  • If you are using a cell phone, use it appropriately so that it does not create a disturbance for the driver or other students