Safety Tips

Tips can be submitted 24/7/365 through the web portal, by email to through the SafeOregon mobile application or by calling or texting 844-472-3364

Developing safe and secure surroundings in the public school venue is the responsibility of the entire community. The Superintendent of Central School District assigns the primary mission for the protection of persons and property within the Central School District to the Safety & Risk Management Team (SRMT). Methods and approaches to assist in achieving a safe and secure environment are developed through a strong working relationship with the Independence and Monmouth Police departments and Polk County Fire & Rescue Services. 

The Safety & Risk Management Team makes a strong effort to maintain a safe and secure conducive environment to allow educational, professional, and personal growth for all members of the school district and community where diverse social, cultural, and academic values are allowed to prosper. The safety of visitors, as well as preserving personal and school property from damage or loss are all part of the mission of the Safety & Risk Management Team. 

The SRMT provides knowledge and services in the areas of self-awareness and protection, workplace safety, environmental health, crisis management, investigations, traffic control, integrated security systems and risk management (injury and insurance losses).

In the Central School District, safety and security of students, staff and community members while on school property is the first and most critical element in providing a positive and meaningful school experience. The district emergency response and communication procedures are in place at each of our facilities in order to keep students and staff safe every day and in the event of an emergency situation. Please take a moment to review the information below, outlining an important protocol for our parents and community members to know.