Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning department provides support and direction regarding curriculum, instruction, and extended learning opportunities (before and after school), to enable learning for both students and employees.

We aim to ensure every student is engaged, supported, challenged, and prepared -- as a whole child -- with the skills and character to achieve and be successful in school, career, college, and community. To that end, we support staff engagement and professional development, focused on continuous improvement and growth.

21st Century Grant Annual Evaluation Reports

19-20 21st Century Grant Annual Evaluation Report for 18-19 (1).pdf
20-21 21st Century Grant Annual Evaluation Report for 19-20 (1).pdf
21-22 21st Century Grant Annual Evaluation Report for 20-21 (1).pdf

Sign up for Before and After School 2022-23 school year at this link: https://forms.gle/qfgAoFK5AAmfHrSV6

For a printable PDF, click here

2223 Registration Flyer.pdf

For a PDF of the Title 1-A Annual Meeting 2021 slideshow, click here.

To support families with learning more about recovery services, the District will be providing virtual sessions for both information and questions.

Should you have any questions prior to those meetings, or be unable to attend to get your questions answered, please complete the Google form by clicking the button below or scanning the QR code.

Para ayudar a las familias a aprender más sobre los servicios de recuperación, el Distrito ofrecerá sesiones virtuales para obtener información y preguntas.

Si tiene alguna pregunta antes de esas reuniones, o si no puede asistir para obtener respuestas a sus preguntas, complete el formulario de Google haciendo clic en el botón a continuación o escaneando el código QR.


The District facilitates vision screenings and coordinates management of chronic health problems such as asthma, diabetes, and seizures. The district nurses are advocates for linking home, school, and the medical community in support of student success.

Contact our administrative office at 503-606-2261 if you have any questions or concerns regarding health services.

Click HERE for information about the coronavirus, COVID-19.