Our Schools

Ash Creek Elementary School

Principal: Jenneca Crocker

Web: aceseagles.com

1360 N. 16th St., Monmouth

Main: 503-606-9016

Colors: Blue and Gold

Mascot: Eagle

Independence Elementary School

Principal: Nicole Smith

Web: iespioneers.com

150 S. Fourth St., Independence

Main: 503-838-1322

Colors: Red and Black

Mascot: Pioneers

Monmouth Elementary School

Principal: Kim Seidel

Web: mesdolphins.com

958 E. Church St., Monmouth

Main: 503-838-1433

Colors: Blue 

Mascot: Dolphins

Talmadge Middle School

Principal: Jared Tesch

Web: tmscougars.com

51 16th St., Independence

Main: 503-838-1424

Colors: Blue and Gold

Mascot: Cougars

Central High School

Principal: Dale Pedersen

Web: chspanthers.org

1530 Monmouth St., Independence

Main: 503-838-0480

Colors: Red and Black

Mascot: Panthers