About Us

We are Central School District

We are made up of a dedicated community working collaboratively together to support students academically, socially and emotionally, with the skills and character to achieve and be successful. We are committed to open, honest and ongoing communication with our entire community, including students, staff, families, and other community partners. Whole children and whole educators help to build a whole community.

Central School District is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, serving the communities of Monmouth, Independence and other rural areas. Our mission is to prepare students for the future by understanding and developing their potential to the highest possible academic and ethical standards.

We believe schools are for everyone, that students perform their best when they feel accepted and valued and that students can achieve when given appropriate support. Our diverse population of students is a reflection of our community. We seek enhanced learning through active partnerships with students, parents and community members.

CSD13j strategic goals

Student Growth & Achievement

Every student is engaged, supported, challenged, and prepared, as a whole child, with the skills and character to achieve and be successful in school, career, college and community.

Family Involvement

Central School District 13J fosters a relationship where every family is actively involved in their child’s education and feels welcome, supported, safe and valued.

Community Partnership

Partners engage in collaboration with Central School District 13J to cultivate student success for a safe, healthy, prosperous, and inclusive community

Staff Leadership & Continuous Improvement

Staff engage in student-centered decision making, problem-solving, professional development, focused on continuous improvement and growth, where shared purpose, teamwork, respect and trust drive decisions.