Central Online Academy

Welcome to Central Online Academy (COA)!

COA is the online learning program for Central School District, serving  the communities of Independence and Monmouth, Oregon.

Phone: (503) 606-2344

Email: coainfo@central.k12.or.us

Brian Baker - Administrator

¡Bienvenido a la Academia Central en Línea (COA)!

COA es el programa de aprendizaje en línea para el Distrito Escolar Central, sirviendo a las comunidades de Independence y Monmouth, Oregón.

Telefono: (503) 606-2344

Correo electrónico: coainfo@central.k12.or.us

Brian Baker - Administrador

Tech support and tips// Soporte técnico y consejos

Learning Coach resources for parents& guardians // Recursos para padres/tutores

School & community resources // Recursos escolares y comunitarios

PSP sessions // Sesiones PSP

Attendance All-Stars  

Each week, we celebrate the students who had perfect attendance the week prior.  

Each week we draw three students with perfect attendance from the elementary, middle, and high school cohorts to award a prize!  Students must have perfect attendance to be entered in the drawing.  This week prize winners are below and also listed in BOLD within the All-Stars lists below.

Information for families considering our program

What is Central Online Academy?

Central Online Academy (COA) is Central School District’s online learning program. The program serves students in Kindergarten - 12th grade from all five of our district schools. When students enter the program, they still are considered to be part of their home schools. For example, students who complete 12th grade in COA, with all Central School District graduation requirements met, will still receive a diploma from Central High School.

Independent work and the important role of parents & guardians

COA students receive core instruction with teachers through our partnership with Stride K12. Students are required to attend live synchronous class sessions for approximately an hour each day. This requires students to be able to engage in independent learning, and learning supported by a parent or guardian on a daily basis. Because of that, parents & guardians take on much more of a role in their student’s learning in the COA program and serve as a “Learning Coach” by helping to:

Time commitments for parents/ guardians

How do students enter the program?

Families can request to enter the program by completing the “Application for Central Online Academy”. COA staff will then review the application and follow up with your family. 

We require all families, even families new to the district, to first enroll at their home school, and then complete the transfer process. This gives our staff a chance to know your student better and for you to learn more both about their home school as well as our online program.

Other resources:

FuelEd K12 Customer Service Contact Information

Phone Support (1-844-638-3533) is available during the following hours:

Technical Support:  Monday - Friday 5AM  – 5PM  

Academic Support: Monday - Friday 5AM  – 9PM / Saturday and Sunday -- 9AM5PM 

Central Online Academy Contact Information

(503) 606-2344