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View nutritional information (calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar and protein) for some of our popular
 menu items. 
School Meal Nutrition Facts (pdf) 
USDA guidelines state that schools must provide a nutritionally equivalent substitute for milk for a student with medical or special dietary needs. Parents may submit this request by filling out the appropriate document and returning it to your child's school. 

For milk substitutions:

  • If Soy milk (Silk Original Soymilk) is an acceptable substitution, the form labeled: "Milk Substitute Request - Participants without Disabilities" must be used. Please click HERE for the form                                                                              
  • If the student needs a different type of milk substitute, the form labeled "Medical Statement for Accommodating Disabilities" must be used, please click HERE for the form.  Neither juice nor water are allowed to be offered as part of the NSLP as an alternative or replacement to milk unless specifically required and listed in a medical prescription or filled out on this form with an authorized signature of a State licensed medical professional who is authorized to write prescriptions under state law. 
  • For more information regarding Milk substitutions please click HERE for the form.

For all other food substitutions:

  • The form labeled "Medical Statement for accommodating Disabilities" must be used. Please click HERE for the form.
  • For more information regarding special diets please click HERE for the form.
Please contact our Director, Alex Singer, at or 503 606 2348, with any questions or concerns.

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