Facility Planing

Our Maintenance and Custodial staff strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for students, staff, and the public. Student, staff, and public involvement is essential in helping accomplish these goals. Maintenance of the District buildings, grounds, and equipment is the responsibility of our Maintenance and Custodial staff.

Building Information

Central High School: 135,700 sf 
Talmadge Middle School: 84,090 sf 
Ash Creek Elementary School: 58,305 sf 
Independence Elementary School: 40,450 sf 
Monmouth Elementary School: 36,100 sf 
Eola (closed): 4,896 sf
Transition Services (previous District Office building): 4,400 sf
District Office/HHES:  37,640 sf
Oak Grove (closed): 3,232 sf