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Emergency School Closure - Inclement Weather

In the event of an Emergency or Inclement Weather, please check here for updates on the status of schools.

No closure or delay to report

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Monmouth Elementary School
958 E. Church Street
Monmouth, OR 97361
Phone: (503) 838-1433
Fax: (503) 606-9797

Dorie Vickery, EdD

Scotty Girard
Phone: (503) 838-1433

Notes from the Principal

Greetings MES Family,


We have many good things taking place at MES, thanks to a very dedicated staff.  Students have the opportunity to be fully engaged in learning, everyday!


A big part of student success at MES is to be here on time, every day, ready to learn.  This is no easy task for parents or students.  We know that children can be sick or have appointments scheduled during the school day.  To help your child, please consider scheduling appointments outside of the school day.  Doing so will prevent them from missing instructional time.


On average, students should not miss or be late, more than one day a month.  Please consider setting this goal.  Learning starts each day when students arrive.  This includes conversations during our 8:00AM recess.  Students benefit from that adjustment time during recess, transitioning between home and school.  Students who consistently arrive after the 8:20 bell are missing out on instruction.


MES provides a popcorn party when a classroom spells out the word “Dolphin”.  A letter is awarded each day that all students are on time and ready to learn.


Thank you for partnering with us to help your child be successful while at MES!

District Administration Office
750 S. 5th Street.
Independence Oregon, 97351
Phone: (503) 838-0030
Fax: (503) 838-0033

Buzz Brazeau
Superintendent of Schools

Rich McFarland
Assistant Superintendent/ HR Director

Cec Koontz
Business  Manager

Julia Heilman
Director of Special  Programs

Julie Sassor
Administrative Manager