SURVEY - COMMUNICATION PROCESSES - Thursday, January 22, 2015

In an effort to improve our communication processes, we would like you to complete a survey to give us your perspective on Central School District. Your answers will help ensure the communication provided by the District is timely, relevant, and meeting the needs of our students, parents, employees and community. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Jill Love ( Please forward this URL to your friends and family who live within the School District, as we are looking for as much input as possible.

 Survey URL:

 If you do not have access to Internet, a paper copy of the survey can be picked up in our office, at any other school office within our District, or from the District Office at Henry Hill. Thank you for your participation!



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Academics & Our Students

Curriculum Development
Our curriculum is written to meet and exceed state and federal standards. It is rigorous and relevant and will help prepare our students for continuing studies, future employment and as contributing and well-informed citizens in an increasingly global society.
The district’s mission is ‘to leave no child behind’ and to nuture the skills and talents of our students within the constraints of our resources. Our staff consists of highly qualified teachers and instructional assistants who help our students achieve academic success.
Central School District 13J staff are committed to developing assessments that measure the extent to which students possess readiness for continued studies, future employment and citizen-ready skills. In addition, professionals at the State Dept of Education and educators around our state have worked to develop essential learning skills and designed assessments that are given to all students in state twice yearly – fall and spring.
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